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Humanitarian help to rural areas

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What do we do?

Our mission is to deliver aid to the most vulnerable people in rural areas that suffered from the russian invasion.

Main area we target at the moment is villages of Ivankiv district (72 villages,  approx. 35259 persons). Ivankiv district is part of Kyiv region (to the North from Kyiv). Russian forces crossed Ukrainian border from Belarus and were moving through the villages of the district in Kyiv direction. Some villages got under russian occupation, others were severely bombed. 


Main problems local residents are facing:

  • No power supply

  • Severely or partially destroyed roads

  • Houses destroyed or damaged

  • No food supplies to local stores

  • Food, valuables, property taken
    by the occupants

Maria’s story

Maria, 83 years old. 

Her children live in other villages and are not able to come often to help out. Her black cat is keeping her company. 


Maria got very excited we brought her a sack of potatoes and some bread. She said she is making borsch tonight. Something she was craving for a long time, since due to russian occupation her village store was cut off food supplies and residents were forced to eat grain, dried corn and whatever was reserved for planting in spring. 

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Natalia, young mother’s story

Although some families with children left before things got from bad to worse, some did not have another choice but to stay. 

Natalia, mother of five gave birth to her youngest when russian tank was parked just across the street from her house. The village Natalya and her family lives in was under occupation around a month. russian soldiers cut off power supply, robbed houses, took away food and livestock, kidnapped men with military background. 


Our coverage area 

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Typical food set

  • Pasta 1 pc

  • Rice 2 pcs

  • Canned fish (e.g. tuna) 1 can

  • Canned meat 1 can

  • Sunflower oil 1 bottle

  • Sugar 1 kg

  • Flour 1 kg

  • Salt 1 kg

  • Cookies 1 pc

  • Tea 1 pc

  • Bread


Our capacity depends on how much food sets can be gathered or bought.  See full spreadsheet here

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