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We report on projects that were implemented thanks to our donors, other volunteers, the military and all caring people. Everything will be Ukraine!

Photo reports

Reanimobile for the Cherkasy City Emergency Hospital, March - July 2022

Delivered a reanimobile to the Cherkasy City Emergency Hospital. The car has come a long way from Slovakia and will now help our doctors in their hard daily work.

Trip to Kyiv Oblast, June 2022

Together with volunteers Aleksandr Zilinskyy and Tetyana Dzhola, with the support of volunteer Roman Sobol and his team, we toured the villages of the Ivanivska community in the Kyiv Oblast - Lisove, Shkneva, Stara Markivka, Mokra Korma, Shevchenkove. Help was provided to about 50 families.

Trip to Chernihiv Oblast, July 2022

In June, our team, together with volunteers Tetyana Dzhola and Aleksandr Zilinskyy, visited Chernihiv Oblast. We helped the inhabitants of villages affected by Russian aggression, and provided emergency assistance with food kits and medicines.

Many thanks to volunteer Roman Sobol and his team for their support.

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